What is Functional Medicine?

What is Functional Medicine?

What is Functional Medicine?

What is Functional Medicine?


The field of Functional Medicine refers to something completely different from what we are currently used to.

It refers to all functions of the human body, hence its name.

Functional Medicine consolidates and integrates in its practice the Knowledge of many Sciences, aiming at the comprehensive care of Human Health.

Through this approach it cures Diseases and promotes Wellbeing, focusing on the Unique Biochemical Structure and Dimension of each patient.

Functional Medicine can provide a truly individualized treatment.

On the one hand due to the specialized exams used, and on the other, due to its core fundamental position concerning the human body as a whole.

It uses a wide range of exclusive, clinical and laboratory data, from simple biochemical markers to Molecular and Genetic profile tests.

Then it intervenes in a targeted manner and individually for each patient to restore Normal Biochemical and Structural Balance of the organism.


How does Functional Medicine work?

Functional Medicine focuses on Finding and Understanding the fundamental Cellular processes, Environmental influences and Genetic Predisposition that influence Health, as well as the Disease.

It searches and checks “behind the curtain”.

Thus, its final interventions focus on the Treatment of the problem’s Cause, not covering up its Symptoms.

This way it manages and handles the causes of a multitude of diseases, such as severe Chronic, Metabolic and Autoimmune Diseases, not just their symptoms.

It uses specialized treatment protocols and regimens.

It examines the functional imbalances at the Molecular level and it acts on the cell’s Biochemical level.

Functional Medicine comes to cover a great gap, which concerns the treatment of Chronic, Metabolic and Autoimmune Diseases.

Moreover, it handles factors related to longevity and, in general, factors related to optimal health. Both at preventive and diagnostic and at therapeutic level, it is the only way to treat all Metabolic Diseases.

Functional Medicine is a Revolution in the implementation of Modern Medicine, as it can now provide comprehensive treatments and meet the needs of People in the 21 st Century.

Specialization in Functional Medicine is available only in a limited number of Universities in the USA since 1993.