A traditional doctor uses traditional drugs or hormones as therapeutic “tools” for the treatment of a particular dysfunction or disease.

For many diseases, including hypothyroidism, diabetes, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, and so on, the traditional model of care is the same –medication – usually the same for everyone.

Typical education on the established model of care concerns the diagnosis of a disease, and agreeing that the disease can be treated with the corresponding medicine. This established model of care works well for acute diseases, trauma, infection, and emergency situations.

The term and the field of functional medicine refer to something completely different from what we know so far.

Indeed, it is a high-quality medical care system that utilizes sciences like genetics, biochemistry, biotechnology, and translational medicine among others to move closer to verifying the cause of the disease in each patient individually.

Exclusively based on Evidence-Based Medicine through accurate exams and tests at the Molecular and Genetic level, it is here to fill a gap of Medical Science for the first time regarding the treatment of Chronic and Autoimmune diseases.

The clinical specialty of Functional Medicine uses diagnostic protocols supported by scientific data to end up to an objective assessment, and move on to the appropriate and effective treatment, determined with the aid of algorithms.

In fact, the absence of disease does not mean that our heath is in a perfect state. The basic principle is that our body does not function perfectly as time goes by, as it used to function during our youth. This gradually leads us to diseases, i.e. the absence of proper cell functioning according to certain mechanisms.

Now the objective is to restore the best function of the human body’s systems, organs, tissues and cells.

We can live for decades if we achieve the optimal energy level. Many signs and symptoms, often neglected or ignored, are a reflection of a certain cellular dysfunction in our brain or body (e.g. chronic fatigue, headache, insomnia, weight gain, high cholesterol, bloating after meals, constipation, decreased libido, hair loss, morning stiffness…) long before the apparent onset of a disease.

The basic principle is to restore the optimal function of our body’s cells, as is the case during youth.

Disease is the consequence of the reduced ability to reconstruct our organism’s damaged cells, and it is due to the imbalance of the organism’s elements (proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) and molecules controlling metabolism, i.e. hormones and neurotransmitters.

Functional medicine aims at maintaining the best possible level of cellular health and energy.

Its purpose is to achieve balance, compensating for the reduction or lack and excess, so that to avoid side effects. On the other hand, the absence of a countervailing factor leads to imbalance of our organism, which in turn leads to disease.

This is real Medicine, or in other words optimal Medicine or Well-being and Good health Medicine according to the “Holistic approach”.


Which are the causes of the Disease?

Hormonal aberration

Disease is to a great extent the adverse hormonal changes. Each person has his/her hormonal type, i.e. his/her hormonal advantages and disadvantages. Our good health (physical, mental, cognitive), our appearance and our immune system depend on whether we have enough or a lack of nutrients, among which hormones are on the top. Our body controls its functions through the production of hormones. Insulin, adrenaline, cortisol, estrogens, testosterone, growth hormone, etc.

Hormonal production is influenced by emotional and metabolic factors. Complains, symptoms and all other signs observed by the Functional Medicine physician clearly show our potential hormonal disadvantages. Further laboratory exams complete the picture. Our hormonal balance can be restored naturally, safely and effectively.

The relatively recent (1994) discovery of a new hormone, leptin, has opened up new horizons in understanding fat burning mechanisms, but also our body’s hormonal balance.


Excessive oxidation of our body from free radicals

Electrically charged substances that are constantly “stealing” electrons from our body’s structures, leaving just damage. Free radicals are like sparks in the fireplace. You want enough to have a fire, but you don’t want them out of the fireplace, as they will burn down your house.

Oxidation and antioxidants constitute a field that is misunderstood, and often only one side of the story is presented, with possible health risks. Without oxidation there is no life or defense system. With excessive oxidation, our body wears out really quickly, and it does not have enough time to repair the damage caused.

Excessive oxidation also leads to chronic silent inflammation.

However, many people, for certain reasons, have extremely low levels of free radicals, and if they receive high antioxidant doses, such blindly suggested, they will harm their health.

On the other hand, high levels of free radicals are most often due to specific hormonal aberrations, therefore to treat the cause of the problem we should not only receive antioxidants, but also correct our hormonal imbalances in a natural way. Through specialized exams and tests we can know the level of oxidation in our body and thus restore free radicals’ balance for our health to be ideal.


Chronic subtle inflammation

Inflammation is a process that starts when our body perceives a real enemy or risk, and it aims at mobilizing our defense/immune system to attack, restrict and neutralize the enemy.

Normally inflammation has a starting point, a midpoint and an endpoint. In an organism whose defense system shows lack of nutrients or presents hormonal system disorders, many things can go wrong with the inflammation mechanism.

In many people around us, the immune system initiates a silent (subtle) inflammatory reaction without an actual threat, often fighting against its own structures (autoimmune diseases).

This subclinical inflammation continues to develop uncontrolled, spreading unrestricted without getting to an end. In this case there is increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, cancer, chronic degenerative and autoimmune disorders, infections, depression, osteoporosis, dementia, etc. It would not be an exaggeration to say that all diseases meet at the crossroad of inflammation, which is a key component of wear.

A chronic problem for which no solutions or answers have been provided concerns a patient greatly. However, apart from the problems and fears related to the disease itself, what further worsens the situation is the absence of an answer regarding what actually caused the disease.

Nevertheless, recent advances and applications in the field of electronic microscopes, medical technology and research allow us to answer questions that seemed unsolvable.

The results that can be achieved through the usual management of a disease are limited, and can only occasionally alleviate some of the symptoms. Although the immediate alleviation of symptoms allows the organism to heal, this is not the case for chronic health problems.

When it comes to chronic diseases it is not possible to provide a solution, unless we restore the best possible state of functioning.

Through specialized tests it is possible to detect promptly whether we are “smoldering”.

A smart diet in terms of hormones and natural nutrients (food supplements) and biomimetic hormones can reverse chronic insidious inflammation and reset our immune system to function smoothly. So maybe cancel the greatest final disease mechanism and healed.



Aging is due to blood sugar to a great extent; sugar binds to proteins, creating a non-functional structure of glycosylated proteins that are called advanced glycosylation end products (AGEs). Research during the past 20 years has demonstrated that AGEs are involved in the majority of diseases, such as: Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, heart disease, type II diabetes, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, visual disorders, skin disorders.

Since proteins are present throughout the body, the damaging ability of these advanced products is huge. Understanding how it is possible to avoid AGEs formation is of utmost importance to delay the aging process and reduce the risk of degenerative disorders.


Immune (defense) system deficiency – Immunodeficiency

When our body’s defense mechanisms are deficient we become more vulnerable to attacks by external enemies, namely viruses, germs, and bacteria. Moreover, the guards of our immune system fail to promptly identify, capture and destroy the defective cancer cells that are constantly formed within our bodies. Natural treatments, as well as dietary and lifestyle improvements, we can strengthen and smooth our defense mechanisms.


DNA Mutations

As time goes by, DNA “repair” systems brake down, leading us to illness.