The Principles of Functional Medicine

The Principles of Functional Medicine

functional medicine


Functional Medicine is generally unknown to the public.

It is a novel Medical Specialization that started in the USA in 1993.

However, it already has three Nobel Prizes in Medicine.

It was only a few years ago that we managed to “see” inside the cell, the smallest structural unit of our body’s existence.

To actually see and count any microelement that is insufficient or superfluous within it.

Sciences like Molecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry, and Biotechnology among others managed to overcome classic Medicine, which is still at the simple microscope level.

Functional Medicine incorporated them in its everyday practice.

Although we all admire the achievements of Classic Medicine, which has managed indisputably to treat cases in the acute phase, as well as to save lives through Invasive – Surgical techniques, at the same time we experience daily its absolute failure to treat Chronic and Autoimmune Diseases.


The fundamental principles governing Functional Medicine

  • “Looks deeply” inside the cell, its unique biochemical composition for each one, any insufficiency, as well as the accumulation of toxicity.
  • Supports the natural mechanisms of Self-healing and Self-regulation of our body’s good health
  • It agrees with and serves a deterministic capability – that our body can heal or prevent all diseases.
  • That health and wellbeing are not the absence of a disease but our physical state.
  • It considers, and ultimately treats, each cell and consequently each person as different.


Οι αρχές της Λειτουργικής Ιατρικής - Functional Medicine WayPrimary Health Care System

Specialized Exams at the Molecular and Genetic level, as well as the ability to translate the genome allow us “to see”.

In basic Biochemical tests, the markers examined are completely different.

Full Medical Histories, which can help us to collect all information on the ways the external environment, habits and particularities of each person influence our current health status.

Protocols that restore insufficiencies at molecular level, Biomimetic hormones, Vitamins, Trace elements that repair cellular balance and restore our Immune system’s insufficiency.

Finally, Functional Medicine can treat Chronic and Autoimmune diseases and ultimately restore Hormonal aberration. Excessive oxidation of our body, Chronic, subclinical and “silent” Inflammation, Glycosylation, and any toxicity that is important to a greater or lesser extent, from chemicals, radiation and aggravating circumstances, which gradually accumulates in adipose tissue cells (Bioaccumulation) and finally restores them.