Our Mission



During the past twenty years, Clinical experience and practice in Medical Science have given me the pleasure and have confirmed the road I chose to follow, as a person and as a Scientist.

A road that even after twenty years is moving on the outskirts of Medical Science and has been abused by many people.

My choice to attend my postgraduate studies in the USA focusing on the therapeutic approach of Functional Medicine was really important for me; it provided answers to questions that cannot be answered even today through Medical Science.

This type of approach is confronted with the Classic Medical scene, it overturns equilibria and it reconsiders the Doctor – Patient relationship. I was thus many times in a precarious situation.

Indeed, it is really difficult to change the Scientific opinions of many generations in relation to a certain thing. Although statistically they have failed to treat Chronic and Autoimmune Diseases.

The answers I was looking could actually be provided through my specialization in Functional Medicine, with the aid of Technology, Research by many Scientists and Healthcare Professionals, as well as the advanced Diagnostic laboratories.

It is a Medical approach that concerns the Biochemical balance of the cell, as well as the way we can restore mechanisms relating to the smallest structure of life, the cell, through the administration of the appropriate ingredients in the right dosages.

We are made of billions of cells that compose all our organs, systems, our organism as a whole.

Any biochemical deviation sooner or later manifests in the form of disease. Aging is a manifestation that could be also characterized as a disease, according to the 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

As a proponent of an approach, as well as proven act, that Medical Sciences have no limits, I decided and I still serve my Science within its limits. With the most novel, innovative and ground breaking means worldwide.

For this reason, our mission is to…

  • Serve a system that constantly leads to higher levels of health and wellbeing, far more than anyone has ever imagined.
  • Not only improve people’s everyday life, but also promote life itself, as experienced by each one of us individually.