Functional Med System – F.M.S

Functional Med System – F.M.S

Functional Med System F.M.S.

Functional Medicine System – F.M.S


We live eighty to ninety years, approximately half of which we are ill.

Chronic diseases, such as Cholesterol, Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity and excess weight, Hypertension, various Syndromes, Autoimmune Diseases, leading to heart diseases, as well as various other degenerative disorders.

88% of the global population suffers from Chronic Diseases (World Health Organization, 2015).

How can we answer this modern pandemic relating to our quality of life?

Despite the fact that life expectancy has increased dramatically, and people do not die massively anymore from conditions, such as infections, smallpox, measles, polio, typhoid, chicken pox, dysentery, now a different question arises, which is equally important.

The human body cannot adapt so quickly to the new conditions that prevailed in the planet over the last one hundred years. The tolerances of our organism’s normal limits, an organism governed by harmony and functional capability of self- repair, cannot respond to the load imposed on them. The living conditions concerning the abnormal food chain, as well as toxic substances and radiation, which are all over us. Our body does not have enough time to repair the damage, caused by the lack of vital nutrients and the use of chemicals, which results in entering a Chronic Inflammation process (disease anteroom) for many years.

Approximately half time of our live we receive drugs. And we are constantly concerned about our health.

All current Chronic Diseases, decimating and afflicting the population, are the result of the living conditions in a planet that we changed and directed away from what is normal.




Functional Med System follows a complete Biochemical, Molecular and Genetic approach.

Specialized and accurate Tests, at the Molecular and Genetic level, as well as the ability to translate the genome (Translation Medicine), allow us “to see” inside the cells. (Evidence Based Medicine).

These tests accurately reflect the body’s Real time status.

It is possible to identify vitamins, trace elements, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, proteins insufficiencies, and the way these are affecting cellular function.


They detect the presence of toxins, free radicals, the state of the Nervous system, the intestinal flora, and the mitochondrial function of cells.

They record Metabolic functioning in each level, making any dysfunction apparent.

They reflect existing “hidden inflammations” that are not shown in standard tests.

Full “Head to Toe” Medical Histories help us in collecting all information, in each level and system of the organism, for each and every patient.

This is, how has the External Environment, the Habits and Particularities of each person affected his/her Current Health Status in each level.

This accurate diagnostic approach allows us to identify and decode the actual Causes of each Disease or symptom.

A blood sample is collected during the first appointment, and it is sent to specialized microbiology laboratories both in Greece and abroad, thus we can identify the factors and causes of the Disease. The total duration of the first visit is about one and a half hours.


Healthy course

Functional Medicine Application System

It approaches the human organism as a whole, composed of billions of cells that communicate with each other, being responsible, both individually and all together, for our body’s functioning.

It examines cellular Structures and Biochemistry, and it intervenes to restore their chemical balance.

It uses therapeutic Protocols with algorithms, which restore Individually all insufficiencies at the Molecular Level, Hormonal Imbalance with Bioidentical Hormones, as well as Insufficiencies of Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Elements, Amino acids and hundreds of other vital components, which restore both cellular balance and any other Insufficiency of our Immune System.

It treats Chronic, Metabolic, and Autoimmune Diseases that are due to Hormonal aberration, Excessive oxidation of our body, Chronic, subclinical and “silent” Inflammation, Glycosylation, and any toxicity that is important to a greater or lesser extent, from chemicals, radiation and aggravating circumstances, which gradually accumulates in adipose tissue cells, and finally restores them.

Therapeutic protocols are calculated based on algorithms and fractions, based on the tests’ results and markers. They are strictly personalized, available for the patients through our partner pharmacies.

Functional Medicine health system is affordable for everybody; it concerns Chronic, Metabolic and Autoimmune Diseases, as well as people who want to proactively strengthen their health.

Functional Med System unifies Contemporary Medical Knowledge.


We can treat the following categories of Diseases.

Our Patients come to us mainly for Chronic, Metabolic and Autoimmune diseases, as well as to improve their quality of life and well-being.


Chronic Diseases


Cholesterol Disorders and Hyperlipidemias

Chronic Inflammatory Conditions and Chronic Inflammation

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus


Irritable Bowel Syndrome – IBS – “Spastic colitis”

Malnutrition, Gastritis, Voiding disorders

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)





Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



Bronchial asthma (BA)

Chronic Bronchitis

Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Migraines and Chronic Headaches

Sleep and Memory Disorder

Mood Disorders, Depression

Sexual Disorders, Reduced Libido



Chronic Inflammations of the Genitals

Chronic vaginitis, fungal infections

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Human Papilloma Virus (H.P.V.) infections (85% of the world population)

Infertility Problems

Endometrial hyperplasia and polyps

Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, and many other.


Autoimmune Diseases

Hypothyroidism – Hashimoto's thyroiditis and Graves' Disease of the Thyroid Gland

Celiac disease or steatorrhea (gluten-sensitive enteropathy)

Ulcerative colitis and Chrohn’s disease (intestine)

Rheumatoid arthritis

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (S.L.E.)


Addison’s Disease

Sjogren Syndrome

Myasthenia Gravis

Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Multiple sclerosis and dozens more.


Metabolic Diseases

Metabolic Syndrome or X Syndrome (a combination of Obesity – Hypertension – Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus – Increased levels of Cholesterol)

Obesity and overweight

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many others.



The results presented were achieved during a minimum follow-up period of 3 months.

Sample of 600 persons.


 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome                                                     


 Cholesterol Levels                                                               


 Blood Sugar Levels                                                      


 Weight Loss                                                                            


 Attention Deficit                                        


 Depression (Mood Disorders)                                                 


 Skin Dryness                                                                     


 Metabolic Syndrome                                                                              


 Sleep Disorders                                                                           


 Libido Disorders                                                                                               









Functional Med System is based on International Standards, and thus it develops and implements in parallel Medical Strategies, aiming at:

• Good Health Promotion

• Protection and Updating of people regarding health threats

• Promotion and Implementation of Current Data and New Technologies for Health

• Progress in Research, Studies and Work concerning Metabolic, Chronic and Autoimmune diseases.

• Utilization of All Medical Knowledge and Coordination of All Medical Specialties on a Common Basis

• Development of actions to Increase Physical activity and Improve Proper Diet

• Functional Med System offers its services not only during the Treatment stage, but also before that, at the onset of the Disease.

• It applies and implements the most novel, knowledgeable and state-of- the art options that are available worldwide.


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