Diagnostic Tests

“Smart” Exams – Biochemical, Molecular and Genetic Approach Exams

“Smart” Exams – Biochemical, Molecular and Genetic Approach Exams

It is only during the last years, having understood and ascertained how biochemical composition is affected at the cellular level that scientists and pioneering research centers can speak about restoration of Metabolic, Chronic, and Autoimmune Diseases, following certain appropriate “Smart” exams.

Constant deviations and opposing interventions on our cellular functions at biochemical level, which may be accumulating for years, underlie and at some point they come up in the form of a Disease.

These analyzes are the most expensive evaluation method for our health condition. They identify the causes of Chronic and Autoimmune Diseases and allow us to give targeted Medical protocols, with strictly personalized treatments per patient.


Biochemical check-up

In Biochemical 4h check-ups, all additional markers concerning Metabolism, Hormonal and Immune System are examined, apart from the overall health status, which is usually checked by the usual Biochemical tests Check up.

Blood or other biological fluids of our body exams are laboratory analyses, performed in order to count substances and Biochemical factors, in order to diagnose Chronic and Autoimmune diseases.

Six Basic Biochemical Profiles are used, five of which are specialized in terms of


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Arterial Hypertension

Diabetes Mellitus


And an additional Biochemical analysis type, which detects Inflammations in the human body.

The Tests are performed in Greece, in a contracted, specialized diagnostic center with ISO certifications, and their results are ready within three to five working days.


Molecular Cell Test

Molecular Cell Tests are performed exclusively in Certified Laboratories in the US.

They check markers and factors, at cellular level, in order to “capture” the causes of any disease.

Their purpose is to be the right diagnostic tool for the Treating Physician.

Special algorithms are used, which assist in determining the Treatment regimen.

More than one hundred biomarkers are examined.

Molecular Cell Test, i.e. Exams at the Molecular level, is a powerful means to fight against Chronic and Autoimmune Diseases.

The results of the exams are completed within three to four weeks.


Genetic Tests

Genetic Tests and the analysis of DNA and Gene sequencing are performed in certified laboratories in Austria, the USA, and Greece.

Any Genetic Disease can be identified on a molecular basis.

Furthermore, they identify factors relating to Chronic and Autoimmune Diseases.

Genome analysis is useful for the detection of common variants – polymorphisms, which have functional consequences on the organism.

Moreover, they are useful to detect predispositions for cancer or other diseases.

Results, depending on the exam, are completed within four to eight weeks.


Metabolic test

Metabolic Tests examine Organic Chemical Compounds (acids) in urine.

Their objective is to assess four important aspects of metabolism: gastrointestinal function, cellular energy production, Neurologic status and balance between amino acids and organic acids (as influenced by various nutrients, vitamins and trace elements).

The tests are performed exclusively in certified Laboratories in the USA.

Test results are completed within three to four weeks.


They detect the following with precission:

  • Cell deficiencies in enzymes, minerals, amino acids, vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids.
  • The energy produced in the body. (Krebs Cycle).
  • The functioning of the nervous system.
  • The toxic load on the organism.
  • Bowel condition (intestinal flora).
  • Metabolism of nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids).
  • Concealed inflammation in the body.
  • Hormone production axis.
  • Deficiencies of the organism in Micronutrients.
  • Cellular Balance.


Special Exams

Special Exams at the Molecular, Genetic level, which are performed exclusively in the USA, in Certified research centers.

They are mainly performed for the diagnosis of:

toxic load burden

hormonal balance test

cellular aging.

The results, depending on the test, are completed within four to eight weeks.