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Weight Loss with Molecular Nutrition

  • Ultimate Weight Loss (Weight Conservation)
  • Molecular Nutrition with Doctor Supervision
  • Specialized Tests – Full Metabolic Profile Test
  • Energy Increase at optimal levels
  • Addressing the causes that cause weight gain at a cellular level


Why do I gain weight?

It is a fact that an increasing number of people are confronted with the issue of unnecessary weight, even once in their lives. Nowadays that life rhythms grow rapidly and diet has changed significantly in relation to the past, the problem of unnecessary weight is a very large proportion of people who are looking for a lasting solution to the issue of increasing and destabilizing their weight.

For every person, therefore, who is confronted with the problem of extra pounds, there is at least one reason that justifies this increase in weight. When our body gains weight, it means that our organism “signals” that something has changed and that our body is experiencing a change. This change could, for example, result from an eventual Hormone Decline or any metabolic dysfunction.

It is a fact that the human body has such standards that make it a hunter’s body. Therefore, the abolition of intense physical exercise, replaced by sedentary life and the great lack of nutrients and micronutrients, that the person receives through food, are those parameters that have led to great variations and deviations of metabolic pathways.


Why did all diets of the past fail?

Some of the eating patterns, followed and loved by many over the years, have been a drastic solution for weight loss. “Special diets,” magic formulations, nutrition guidelines, and formulations, which we used to see even from TV ads, did not solve the problem of losing weight. On the contrary, the many different dietary plans were combined with a great individual effort by the people who were looking for a lifeline, and in addition to the extra pounds, health problems, psychological cataract and resignation were added.

Diets of the past failed because they did not target the metabolic profile of each individual, so they did not manage to deal with the real causes of weight gain.


Molecular Nutrition: What is it and who it is targeted for?

Molecular Nutrition is a special nutritional platform, which results from specialized medical examinations, which show the precise metabolic profile of each individual. Based on this particularity, Molecular Nutrition is a diet that does not contain specific and same foods for everyone. Instead, based on the findings of individual tests and in collaboration with the scientific team composed of  Doctors , Biologists and Molecular Nutritionists, a special dietary plan is formulated, different for each individual. In this plan, therefore, different foods are proposed for each individual, aiming at supplementing cellular deficiencies, which are the main causes for the increase in unnecessary weight. Also, special treatment is proposed for potential cellular deficiencies in Micronutrients.

The philosophy of Molecular Nutrition follows the physical specifications of the human body and its metabolic processes, which take place inside the cells. More specifically, the organism immediately after eating food performs a complicated process of converting it into biofuels, which is used to produce energy. However, the “fuel” that every body needs is not stable. On the contrary, it varies and depends on the particular needs of each body.

Therefore, the nutritional plan of the Molecular Nutrition arises and is structured on the basis of the individual’s individual specificity. This very specific targeting of Molecular Nutrition is also the recipe for its success as it is based on the fact that every food platform, as it has emerged from each person’s special tests and needs, is the basis for a gradual reduction and definitive discharge of excess weight .

The success of Molecular Nutrition is therefore that for every nutritional platform it proposes, it also builds strong foundation for the creation of healthy cells capable of optimal combustion for maximum and stable energy production.

Contrary to diets of the past, which did not target the metabolic profile of each patient and failed to suggest optimal amounts of food for the ideal intake of vitamins, minerals and trace elements per person.

It is easy to understand is that the building blocks that the organism needs in order to function properly and efficiently are very specific with the help of modern know-how, any deficiency of which can be ascertained and restored. Any deviation in obtaining these structural elements may lead to a metabolic dysfunction, which in turn incriminates for deviation from the normal weight of the individual and the permanent installation of unnecessary weight.


With which examinations is the Molecular profile of each individual formed?

The exploration of the individual’s metabolic pathways results from specialized metabolic examinations, which investigate and accurately measure throughout the Krebs cycle exactly what does not function properly at the cellular and biochemical level. Once the exact causes of metabolic dysfunction have been established, only then the individual is eligible for proper nutritional intervention. The nutritional program proposed by Molecular Nutrition therefore seeks and gradually achieves the restoration of all parameters, which contribute to the optimal metabolic function of the organism. Thus, based on the Molecular Nutrition and given that the body functions as a combustion engine, intake of the right food, the ideal quantity for each individual and the intake of all the micronutrients required, leads to correct and complete burns of the cell, without this, in return, to lead to accumulation of unnecessary fat (biofuel energy, which for some reason the body does not consume).

The simple assumption that a person’s weight is determined by taking fewer calories than is necessary is extremely wrong, unscientific and practically, people who consume few calories continue to gain weight despite any attempt to reduce the amount of food or exercise.


Why build your own Molecular Nutrition Platform

  • Given that Molecular Nutrition schemes are developed individually, due to specialized examinations, the individual loses weight constantly while his/her energy levels increase .
  • There is no feeling of hunger.
  • They do not necessarily change eating habits.
  • The results are stable and become permanent over time.
  • Molecular Nutrition aims at achieving cell homeostasis, in proper biochemical balance, with concurrent results on our optimal health.
  • Along with Molecular Nutrition, the individual “prevents” the appearance of Chronic, Autoimmune and Other Metabolic Diseases, resulting from cellular dysfunctions.


A modern trend for slimming “I’m on a diet”?

In recent years, we have been increasingly hearing the phrase “I am on a diet” as a technique of good and balanced nutrition, chosen to maintain one’s ideal weight on the one hand, while enjoying all the benefits of a healthy diet . What is not clarified, however, are the criteria for the ideal diet and what are the best possible results.

Both the modern lifestyle and the increased toxicity that the environment has received over the last few years have significantly degraded the quality of our lifestyle. The foods we receive are now incapable of meeting our body’s nutritional needs, as they have been greatly damaged. On the other hand, sedentary life has significantly substituted the natural way of life, so that the body does not adequately metabolize the food it receives and the person experiences physical exhaustion, observing a large and unexpected variation in weight.

All of this obviously hinders the individual in his daily routine and greatly affects his mood and his overall mental health. So, more and more people are looking for solutions, either in fitness or in different eating patterns, hoping to improve their wellbeing. The effort of all those who are looking for a healthier lifestyle, aims at improving their image and the function of their organism. This effort leads to the search for nutritional schemes, consisting of “healthy foods” or “combinations of healthy foods”, which have prevailed in public opinion as “healthy”.

However, not having the necessary knowledge, they often seek the solution to the wrong paths, burdening themselves with wrong choices and efforts without a result that further complicate their already bad psychology.


The most famous diets at a glance

Mediterranean diet is based on the traditional cuisine of the countries around the Mediterranean and in foods such as fruits, fish, vegetables, nuts and olive oil. Although this particular is considered one of the healthiest and most traditional ways of eating, it does not have a specific plan to deal with emergency situations. The Mediterranean diet until 70-80 years ago when the natural environment was not altered did indeed keep people fit. In recent years, only at the level of the name but not at the level of the outcome, one could say that this diet is only used as a successful diet of another age and statistically if and then followed, it ultimately does not help to reduce obesity and lose weight .

ORAC Diet, loved by many, it quite resembles its rationale with the Mediterranean diet. The emphasis is on eating only nutritional and antioxidant foods. Based on these considerations, the ORAC scale calculates the rate at which a food can protect the body from free radicals, which are the cause of diseases such as cancer, heart disease and aging symptoms. However, it was finally found that the ORAC scale showed the ability of foods to neutralize only one free radical, the peroxidic radical, and secondly, the ORAC scale measured this ability in the test tube rather than in the human body. These findings resulted in the critical criticism of this diet, and the withdrawal of the table of the antioxidant ability of foods by the US Agency for Agriculture in May 2012 .

Chemical diets have been a favorite dietary practice because of their fast weight loss results. By minimizing carbohydrates and increasing protein and fat intake, chemical diets took this name because they cause chemical reactions in the body, such as the formation of ketone bodies. Although these diets are characterized as “miraculous,” because the person loses weight very quickly, it has been calculated that the ten kilos lost by the individual, only one kilogram results from the accumulated fat, and that the remainder result from the loss of fluid and muscle tissue. But this means that the pounds will return very soon and with them there will be physical exhaustion and disruption of the mental balance. Finally, ketones produced as metabolic products can disrupt the acid-base balance and lead to ketoacidosis, a very serious condition that can even lead to death.

Atkins Diet, was developed in the early 70’s by a doctor, Robert C. Atkins. Atkins’s diet is based on the consumption of all kinds of meat, sausages, oily foods and cheeses, at the same time as it imposes a reduction in carbohydrate inputs. The results in terms of weight loss are fast and drastic, as the individual can lose up to four pounds a week, eating without limitation the “sinful foods”. With this diet, however, both the intake of valuable nutrients for the body and nutrients such as fiber are reduced.  However, due to the high consumption of meat, uric acid is favored and the kidneys and the liver are burdened, at the same time, which can cause severe digestive or intestinal problems. Also, although weight loss is noticeable, the person at the end of the diet is led to intense bulimia because of his long carbohydrate deprivation, causing the pounds to return very quickly along with new health problems.

The same reasoning seems to be based on the Dukan diet. It is also a chemical diet, inspired by the French nutritionist Dukan, which has been loved by celebrities abroad and has gained a reputation quickly. Its logic is the same as that of Atkins, although it is considered more modern and balanced. While not restricting the amount of food taken by the body, weight loss results are immediate. Its dietary plan requires excess protein intake, minimizing carbohydrate intake. It is estimated that with this diet, the pounds leave so quickly that the person can lose even one pound a day.  However, many nutritionists claim that limiting carbohydrates can lead to serious health problems for the individual, as weight loss is attributed to muscle mass and fluid and not fat. Thus, the end of diet means again rapid weight gain and physical exhaustion.

Finally, Stihlman diet is a protein diet as well. This diet is based on protein consumption, which is suggested to be consumed in an unlimited amount, with minimal fat and carbohydrate intake. It is also a ketone diet, which in fact leads to a loss of ten kilos within fifteen days. At the same time urine ketones are tested one to two times a day. However, given that foods such as bread, pasta, fruit, vegetables, fats, oil, dairy products are forbidden, the choice of food is very limited, at the same time as the result is short-lived, since weight loss is also based on loss of liquids. With this diet, therefore, fluid and muscle mass and not fat are lost. At the end of the diet, the person may feel headaches, dizziness and constipation, and if prolonged, the Stihlmann diet can severely burden the liver and kidneys.




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