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Menopause: What is happening to me?

Is living without hormones really living?

The majority of women on earth would admit that without their hormones, during Menopause, they don’t really feel well.

No matter how many supplements they may buy, or how many kilometers they may jog, or how little fat they eat, no matter what they are deprived of.

But, at the same time, all women are scared of Heart Disease, Vascular problems, and Strokes. And, of course, Malignancies (Cancer). All these Diseases that show a sharp increase after Menopause.

Women are suddenly facing the same inevitable health condition that made their parents obstinate, obdurate, and obsolete…

A condition that is called Aging and is characterized by being stubborn, hardened, and with Outdated Ideas, Knowledge, Perceptions.

Nobody wants to look and feel “old”.

But many of you are close to or already in Menopause.


Menopause is the hallmark of Aging in women.

Menopause organ changes


Of course many women and men will say “but Menopause is natural”. Yes, it is “natural”. Pregnancy is also normal, the result of free contact, but this did not stop billions of women from receiving, and Doctors from administering, contraceptive pills to avoid conception. These combined contraceptive pills were and are the synthetic chemical – allogenic hormones, which gave you the pleasure to enjoy your contacts feeling safe in terms of contraception, without feeling any breast pain.

It’s a painful irony that a large number of women have used, when younger, contraceptive pills, i.e. hormones made of mutated synthetic estrogens, fake progesterone, or even testosterone sometimes.

At the same time millions of women have received or are receiving synthetic HRT, i.e. Hormonal Replacement Therapy, for Menopause. This is, exactly the same synthetic hormones that are in contraceptive pills.

The doctors who prescribed, and still prescribe these treatments, had no idea, and they still don’t know, the great impact that these synthetic hormones would have on the future fertility of their patients. Today, and for at least fifteen years now, doctors are in a panic, because the Medical community is just starting to figure out exactly how toxic synthetic hormones are, no matter how they are used.

Combined contraceptive pills were administered for decades, including two “synthetic hormone analogues”. Therefore, instead of Progesterone, the female organism was receiving “artificial Progesterone”, i.e. Progestins, Progestogens Progesterone-like hormones, and Medroxyprogesterone among others, combined with equine estrogen metabolites and/or Estrogen-like hormones from pregnant mare’s urine instead of estrogens, which have nothing in common with human estrogens.


Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapies

bio-hrt-vs-synthetic-hormones-Functional Med System

bio-hrt-vs-synthetic-hormones-Functional Med System


After the development of Endometrial, Breast and Ovarian Cancers, initially an attempt was made to administer lower doses. Much later, another attempt was made to combine it with natural Progesterone molecules, found in plants. Then treatments were developed based on the adverse effects of formulations administered for the treatment of Heart diseases, Breast Cancer, Embolism and Emotional Disorders.

However, contrary to natural Progesterone, which has a rhythmic, cyclical presence in the female body two weeks out of every month, combined pills should be taken every day.

In actuality, this combination of horse Estrogens and “fake” Progesterone, cannot create a normal cycle, and although it is promoted as H.R.T. it is not. This combination is made of artificial chemical hormones that are administered on a “stable dose”.

Manufacturing companies describe the side effects on the package inserts of their formulations. At the same time, studies are published all the time referring to the toxicity of these formulations.

Ultimately, Synthetic-chemical Hormone Replacement Therapies (HRT) for Menopause not only increase the risk of Cancers, but they are also responsible for Cardiovascular Diseases (first cause of death worldwide), as well as Strokes. This suggests that they promote Diseases from which we want to protect post-Menopausal women, instead of protecting them against these diseases.

Hormones produced by our body, though, do exactly the opposite. They protect us.


Menopause – The age of maturity


Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem.

Real Biomimetic Hormones or Bioidentical Hormones do exactly what is implicated by their name.

Functional Med System - Menopause-on-bioidentical-hormone-replacement-therapy-pros-and-cons

Functional Med System – Menopause-on- bioidentical- hormone- replacement- therapy- pros- and- cons



But is it sufficient… just taking these Anti-cancer and Heart-protective hormones to really regulate our organism, smoothly?

With a normal rhythmic cycle, as when you were younger?

This is actually the problem now.

Real hormones of our bodies pulse in waves.

Of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and seasons…

Because we have evolved as an integral part of nature and the cosmos, not in opposition to it.

The rhythm of the planet we live on is inside us.

Our hormonal Rhythms echo the Pulse of Life around us.

Our heart beating, our lungs expanding and contracting, even of the gait of our walk.


Hormones give the menstrual cycles to women that count the Rhythm of time for them. Month after month, year after year.

Men, too, have a Rhythm.

Young males peak hormonally in the autumn and drop low in the spring.

Everything on Earth has a Rhythm.

Everything is and functions just like music. And everything should dance in its Rhythm.

Take a moment to remember… Before puberty, music was nice.

But after that, your hormones kicked in, music was everything.

Life, surely, still has its Rhythm. But we are not dancing to it anymore.

The big question is… How come no one’s talking about the fact that we’ve lost our Rhythm?

But Among women, when menstrual cycles dwindle and cease, the hormones that were keeping them in step with the Rhythm and the surrounding environment, and their overall Survival, are gone.



Menopause – The “Beat” Must Go On

The whole world as we perceive it, essentially the whole Universe, is synchronized.

The same happens with our Internal Universe, the “Microworld”,  as well as everything that has to do with our external world. Everything is synced.

Different rhythms, overlap in bigger motifs, which subsequently, adjust on the interior and exterior of our organism.

As human beings, we literally swim, in this ocean of Rhythms. 

The moon sheds the strongest light on us during the full moon and as the new moon comes to an end, every twenty eight days, women menstruate.

Babies inside the womb, synchronize their movements according to the sounds of their mother’s voice.

Most babies are born around six in the morning, keeping up with our Circadian Rhythm.

All of us, all alive creatures on planet Earth, are dancers to one Rhythm, the one we have heard from the beginning of our lifetime and we have forgotten how to dance.

When a woman reaches Menopause, she can no longer reach the next level, Reproduction. Nature doesn’t like that.

It’s not a coincidence that menstrual cycles of women, keep up with those of the Moon.

We adjusted to the rhythms of our planet and we incorporated them to our hormonal Rhythms.

Our hormones organize the Rhythms of our sleep, our appetite for sex and food,  menstruation, Birth and our behavior, depending on the weather and the availability for food in our surroundings.

So as to live accordingly to Nature, we and all living creatures, should align all our activities for the Preservation of Life,  with the offers and opportunities our planet offers us.

Sleep, food, playing, learning, mating, even death, are Synced (Adjusted) to internal clocks.

When all things cease to “tick” (to have a Rhythm) for procedures, functions, mechanisms, actions, then they Cease to Exist.


Menopause – Would you like to dance?

Our internal clocks, regulated at the micro level by our hormones, keep us in Coordination.

Not only with each other in our individual species, but also with the rest of the Universe.

So when we are Coordinated and Synchronized with all other types of life around us, Biological balance and harmony are created.

Science calls this Homeostasis.

In a healthy organism, the internal environment remains constant and is self- maintaining.

Even when the external environment is volatile. Even if it fluctuates wildly.

The ability of our organism to translate an environmental cue, such as light for example, gives us the capability to forecast the weather and predict food supplies.

Because light means that food grows. And food means Survival.


The Rhythm of nature is so internalized that:

every molecular action of each one of our hormones to its receptor,

on every gene in every cell,

functioning in every organ of our body,

follows and coordinates with the Cosmic (Universal) Tune.

This process is called Entrainment.


It means that the environment sings the song and our hormones hum along.

Cortisol, Insulin, Melatonin, Prolactin, Progesterone, Estrogen, Testosterone, Growth Hormone…

All our hormones play, like the keys of a grand piano, in response to the environmental music.

The spontaneity and ephemeral nature of our hormonal responses is related to how we are entrained to the “Rhythm of Life”.

Our system is programmed to last, as long as we remain reproductive.

Among women, hormones last for fifty years at most, given that we are in Good Health.

Then, as we run out of hormones, we lose the ability to use the raw materials of life to create new life, and thus Nature leads us to the End.


Riders on the Storm

All our life during time looks like continuous circles connected in a spiral that seem to go on forever.

If we follow the arrow of time, we will understand that information and energy come inside our organism (in the form of food and light), travel through us, and go out again on the other end.

It becomes obvious that all organisms are Energy Consumption Units. This means that all organisms lose (consume) energy just living.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics describes the process of the dissipation (consumption) of energy as the movement – transfer of energy away from the point of our Physical Equilibrium.

In humans this point is around the age of 26 years. When our Growth Hormone and Estrogens start to decline.

In our individual lives, the circles of information and energy transfer start to narrow as we age and run out of hormones.

This dissipation of energy is called Entropy.

Entropy is essentially an organism moving away from order to Disorder (Chaos).


Any closed system, like the human body or a cell, will spontaneously move in the direction of ever-increasing Entropy, i.e. deregulation and disorganization, as the arrow of time moves gradually away from the point of our Physical equilibrium. With fewer hormones available, our organism in an attempt to regain order, goes to an ever-increasing state of Disorder – Chaos.

So, aging is our personal human experience of Cellular Entropy.


The loops in the spiral of our eternity get constantly smaller as we age. Just as an old, dying heat slows its beat, the same happens in women. Their menstrual cycles initially get shorter and more frequent. Then, menstrual cycles are farther apart, as they get closer to Menopause. Because their ovaries are running out of ova (“eggs”).

That’s why they run out of Estrogens and they are no longer Fertile. Without the ability to have in their blood every month an estrogen peak, their brain (Hypothalamus – Pituitary) stops sending the monthly signal to ovulate, or release the egg the next month.


Μenopausal Problems Menopause Symptoms



This condition of absence of ova leaves women without Progesterone, which would be secreted by the degrading egg sac (the “egg shell”).

It’s Progesterone’s main job to regulate the genes that are responsible of all of a woman’s cells. All over… in the brain and the body of every woman, to grow, to differentiate, or to die.

Progesterone is one of the premier regulatory hormones.

Without it rising cyclically, women become, on the cellular level, out of control.

This is the beginning of aging and, ultimately, the onset of the organism’s death.


Menopause and Sex Hormones

Our sex hormones register directly to genes, which “turn on and off” like switches according to the hormonal directives, determined and in accordance to our environmental needs.

Our sex hormones determine which genes are “turned on”, i.e. expressed, and which ones are “turned off”, i.e. silenced, in the nucleus of our body’s cells.

Estrogens, Progesterone, Cortisol, Testosterone, Insulin, Prolactin, and Melatonin, reach all the way down into the nucleus of every cell in every organ in your body to hit “promoter regions” and “response elements” of our genes, constantly organizing and controlling everything in our lives.

Our hormones are not only responsible for thinking, behaving, and reacting to what happens around us, so that to increase our chances for Survival, but they also take us much further. So that we can evolve, and actually multiply.

Without a regular ovulation, which must be stimulated by particularly high levels of estrogens (estradiol), and without progesterone that follows ovulation, the regulatory genes involved, and leading to Cancers, Cardiovascular diseases, Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementias, Chronic and Autoimmune Diseases, are left “deranged” and uncontrolled.

The particular experience each woman will have from this deregulation process will include the appearance (expression) of any inherited condition existing in her genetic material.

In other words, when our sex hormones fall off significantly, Cellular Death begins.

The disease that will get to us depends on our personal, family threshold of Entropy.

Will the heart, breast, endometrium, ovaries, pancreas (sugar) become ill first?


Your Hormones and Cancer


Estrogens grow Life and Progesterone improves and stabilizes Life.


These two hormones always act in tandem to control cell growth, aiming at normal functioning.

Cancer researchers call progesterone’s end of jobs Apoptosis.

They are using, once again, a word of our wonderful language.

The word Apoptosis in our language means Falling away from Life.

In science it means “Programmed Cell Death”.

When this happens, the cell is shrinking, and so is chromatin (DNA) of its nucleus, the mitochondrial membrane breaks, the cell is deconstructed and dissolves into pieces, which are phagocytosed.

Progesterone, during the process of Apoptosis, is in charge to control and balance the right amount, the Rhythm of Cellular Death, so that to keep things Living.

Anything alive must grow and die, within the framework of its own Life.

All our cells, bone cells, muscle cells, blood cells, or even brain cells begin in an embryonic form, mature, and die. All in a matter of days, and then the process of Life starts again.

As long as we have our hormones at the appropriate levels, to regulate the proper Rhythm.

Science has proven than no Higher Organism can grow in a healthy way unless they are Time-Controlled and Differentiated towards a Purpose.

So, what we call Cancer is the Unregulated, Uncontrolled cell growth.

Cancer cells not only proliferate and multiply without ever going beyond the embryonic state, but they can even go further backwards.

Cancer cells can actually be Undifferentiated (i.e. not specific cells of a specific tissue).

The reversal to the oneness of Life in the Universe, along with the unstoppable growth, are characteristic properties of Cancer.


Dr. Kyriakos Tigkas, M.D.

Surgeon Gynecologist – Obstetrician

Specialization in: Functional Medicine

Biomimetic Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Surgical Oncology, Breast Surgery


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