Bio 4h Check-ups

Bio 4h Check-ups

Bio 4h Check-ups

Bio 4h Check-ups

In Biochemical 4h check-ups it is possible to examine all additional markers concerning:


Hormonal System and

Immune System.

Through these tests it is not only possible to examine the overall health status of a person, which is usually checked by the usual Biochemical tests Check up.

Blood or other biological fluids of our body exams are laboratory analyses, performed in order to count substances and Biochemical factors, in order to diagnose Chronic and Autoimmune diseases.

Six Basic Biochemical Profiles are used.

Five of these are specialized in terms of:


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Arterial Hypertension

Diabetes Mellitus

Obesity and overweight.

And an additional Biochemical analysis type, which detects Inflammations in the human body.

The Tests are performed in Greece, in a contracted, specialized diagnostic center with ISO certifications.

The results are ready within three to five working days.