It’s the beginning of July, at a central grocery shop, in front of many red and uniform tomatoes.

But how is this possible… it is July and they all look exactly the same… How is this possible.

So I couldn’t resist and I asked “Were they produced in a greenhouse?” But in July? No answer…

I was in despair. I thought that we are doomed. I remembered those tomatoes I used to eat.

I went to the next shop to buy some breams. And they also looked all the same… same color, same size.

Then I went to the butcher shop. Have you seen a chicken with eight feet? All nicely packed with nice little chicken thighs.

There is no hope for us. We cannot eat, drink or even breathe anything natural. We cannot find anything natural, unprocessed, as it comes from nature. Natural.

88% of the global population suffers from Chronic and Autoimmune Diseases according to the World Health Organization (WHO). But why?



Despite the fact that life expectancy has increased dramatically, and people do not die massively anymore from conditions, such as infections, smallpox, measles, polio, typhoid, chicken pox, dysentery, now a different question arises, which is equally important.

We live eighty to ninety years, approximately half of which we are ill.

Due to Chronic diseases, such as Cholesterol, Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity and Excess weight, Hypertension, Various Syndromes, Autoimmune Diseases, leading to heart diseases, as well as various other degenerative disorders.

Almost half of our lives we receive drugs. And we are constantly worried about our health.

All current Chronic Diseases, decimating and afflicting the population, are the result of the living conditions in a planet that we changed and directed away from what is normal.

Life expectancy, which many people think it has increased due to Medicine, is the result of hygiene control, i.e. the improvement of our lifestyle in terms of drinking water and food hygiene, together with the discovery of antibiotics.

On the other hand, the human body cannot adapt so quickly to the new conditions that prevailed in the planet over the last one hundred years. Thetolerances of our organism’s normal limits, an organism governed by harmony and functional capability of self-repair, cannot respond to the load imposed on them. The living conditions concerning the abnormal food chain, as well as toxic substances and radiation, which are all over us. Our body does not have enough time to repair the damage, caused by the lack of vital nutrients and the use of chemicals, which results in entering a Chronic Inflammation process (disease anteroom) for many years.


How could we answer this contemporary question, relating to our quality of life?

Obviously we cannot reverse these conditions that have been created either out of ignorance or for the sake of profit.

It is not easy to give answers. Data as to what we could probably do are everywhere.

Many times covered under misinformation and useless advice, as well as under a frivolous and incorrect management method.

Being able to build up and maintain Health in a toxic planet seems similar to inhabiting Mars.

Actually, though, we have to follow a specific road.


Return to normal, through Medical Expertise that restores it.

It is normal that it functions according to the specifications for which it was created. The human body was created to hunt. And thus to move. The human body was created to get hungry and to function even under conditions of food deprivation. To eat small quantities frequently. To be fed with fruits, vegetables, wild wheat, and meat. The right nutritional specifications concern the consumption of three types of foods. Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fat, that should be Balanced. No processed carbohydrates, not only proteins, not only fat.


But what can we do?

Together with foods we should also consume Vitamins, Trace elements and Minerals, which are vital for normal functioning, in specific quantities and analogies among them.

Therefore the more the foods are lacking these, we should be receiving them individually as supplements. But not at random combinations or quantities.

Thousands of different chemical substances, toxins, drugs, radiation, work cumulatively (Bioaccumulation), in combination or at large quantities, destroying our immune system, since they alter the biochemical balance of our cells.

The removal of all these harmful agents (Detoxification) should be in parallel with the restoration of deficiencies.

Redefining the normal status and restoring good health must stop being “myopic”. We can’t see the forest for the trees.

When someone has a Chronic or Autoimmune disease, we should identify the cause, not cover up the symptom through chemical means.


functional medicine

Functional Medicine – functional-medicine- and-symptoms


By definition and naturally medicine should treat the organism as a single and indivisible whole.

At the molecular and cellular level, it should take care of cellular restoration in relation to accumulated deficiency or toxic load, restoring its chemical balance.

Thus strengthening health, i.e. the whole body, which has a tendency of self- healing, and people’s well-being.

It is only during the last years, having understood and ascertained how biochemical composition is affected at the cellular level that scientists and pioneering research centers can talk about restoration of Metabolic, Chronic, and Autoimmune Diseases.





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