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Chronic Diseases

Chronic Diseases are called the diseases that last for 3 (three) or more months and include all the Chronic Pathological Conditions of the human organism.



Autoimmune Diseases

Modern medical research and the accumulated knowledge of thousands of years, from the time of Hippocrates, who taught that “food is our medicine”, to modern Nobel Prizes in Medicine, are our aids in the treatments for Autoimmune Diseases.



Metabolic Diseases

Metabolic diseases involve disorders of the metabolism of amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates and are most often manifested by non-specific symptoms.


Today, worldwide, they suffer from


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Irritable Bowel Syndrome


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Parkinson’s Disease

Hypothyroidism - Palpation of the thyroid gland


To date, hypothyroidism is mainly treated using drugs. The patient should be receiving drugs throughout his or her life. The problem is never restored, while at the same time there is a risk of side effects from the chemical substances.


Fatigue & Weight Loss

Apart from the fact that most well known and common weight loss instructions, special diets, magic formulas, as well as other formulations, have failed according to international figures, they are also outdated scientifically and often hazardous to health.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is an extremely complicated disorder, characterized by excess and chronic fatigue (severe tiredness – burnout), which cannot be explained by another pathological condition of the patient.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Synrome is a functional bowel disorder characterized by chronic abdominal pain, abdominal discomfort, abdominal distension and changes in bowel habits in the absence of an organic disease.


Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is an Autoimmune disease characterized by chronic Central Nervous System (CNS) inflammation and is the second most common cause of neurological disability among young and adult individuals.



Psoriasis is a painful chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease, not transmitted, manifested as chronic dermatopathy and has a serious negative impact on the quality of life of patients.


The News of Good Health

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The possible causes and modern treatment methods of Reduced Libido

Regular sexual activity greatly benefits our health as because it fulfills the human emotional and physical need for intimacy and contact. According to Anita H. Clayton, professor of psychiatry at the University of Virginia and author of Satisfaction: Women, Sex, and the Quest for Intimacy, “systematic sexual activity helps couples stay close to each other.” […]

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7 + 1 diseases associated with Visceral fat

Obesity is an epidemic of the 21st century, which carries numerable risks to our health. In particular, abdominal fat, or visceral fat, disrupts the proper function of abdominal organs, such as the liver. Increased waist circumference (over 89 cm in women and over 102 cm in men) indicates the accumulation of abdominal fat. Visceral fat […]

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Maintaining Weight Loss

Obesity is one of the main risk factors for chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. According to the World Health Organization, in 2016, more than 19 billion adults worldwide were overweight and of these, approximately 650 million were obese. This is, therefore, an issue of major importance and global scope which, as […]


Opinions and Experiences of our Patients

  • K.K K.K
    I can not really describe what I have gained because it is not characterized by words. I found myself, free movement, lost mood & smile. I experienced step by step improvement and I can say that I am cured. I am completely happy with the doctor & all the members of the staff and I feel right about my choice over conventional medicine.
  • L.M.P. L.M.P.
    Always Tired – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    I was really impressed with the existence of the medical unit in a field that I thought was in America. I had been desperate to search for solutions individually over the internet without medical supervision and knowledge. The medical unit uses treatment protocols I found on medical pages in America with accuracy and scientific training. Since my illness can last up to 10 years, it has a suicide rate of 7%. I managed in six months to stand on my feet. That alone speaks volumes.
  • Andreas K. Andreas K.
    Weight Loss
    Until now I had struggled too much to lose weight. I was visiting one dietician after the other, as well as many Weight loss Institutes. I had tried everything, with no result. Until someone told me to visit Ms Koini, and I went to her medical practice. She managed my condition differently through the Functional Medicine System, and she achieved what I was trying to achieve for years. Excellent attitude, both as a Scientist and as a person.
  • Andriana G. Andriana G.
    I was impressed by the detailed assessment of my medical history, as well as by her interest in my case and the transmission of her scientific knowledge. But, above all, what impressed me was that through specific exams and the proper reading of my exam results, something that neither internal medicine doctors nor neurologists had done till now, she suggested a treatment regimen with Biomimetic hormones and the appropriate vitamins, and my problem was solved within 6 months. I really thank her for this.
  • Fay S. Fay S.
    Dr. Koini is super!
    She is detail oriented and very specific explaining everything and answering all questions without hesitation or rushing her patients. She helped me with my migraines from which I have suffered a lot. I used to take 2 anti-inflammatory pills per day and now I am happy to stop all of these.
    I am thankful to her.